Spectrum Scanning realizes there are massive amounts of 35mm slides, film and camcorder tapes that are aging into oblivion. Through the use of professional film scanning technology it is now simpler and better than ever to create permanent archives; helping you and your future generations hold on to family history.
For genealogical purposes alone, digitally archiving is extremely valuable and important.

Spectrum Scanning converts the following conventional formats of imagery to digital formats (also to specific formats if requested):

35mm Slides
35mm Negatives
8mm film*

16mm film
DV/Mini DV Tapes (camcorder tapes)
VHS and BetaMax
Microform (Microfilm, Aperture cards, Microfiche)

Document Scanning

*8mm film is remastered through our custom built Teleciné film projector.
This projector contains specalized LED bulbs to protect sensitive film from
burning while providing a brighter and more vivid image. The image is then projected through a high quality magnifying lens and mirror assembly onto a
super-clear digital capture surface, providing the highest quality image possible from given source material.

There are many strong reasons for converting to digital form:

+ Preserve important memories.
+ Professional Archives.
+ Create multimedia projects which include music/audio/animation/menus
+ Entertain your family with self running slideshows
+ Remastered files can be used for digital prints
+ Make inexpensive duplicate copies for family members

We provide free pick up and drop off on all orders over $150!


Image Services Order Size Price per Slide Optional Services
Slides or
150 to 500 Slides $0.60 Image
Slides or
501 to 2000 Slides $0.45 Image
Slides or
Over 2000 Slides $0.39 Image
Video Services Price
NTSC or PAL $25.00 First tape $15.00 Additional Tapes
NTSC or PAL $45.00
DV Tape
8mm Film
$0.15 to $0.10 /ft
Additional Tapes 8mm Film,
DV, Beta
Extras Price
DVD Menu A full DVD menu
with Theme and
Background Music $30.00

*Includes physical DVD

We provide free pick up and drop off on all orders over $100!

If you have any questions or would like a custom quote please Contact us